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Kathleen from Florida

Over my lifetime, I have cared for my father, my mother, and one of my aunts until their passing. I was with my husband only 10 years when he was diagnosed with dementia, as well as chronic lymphocytic leukemia. From Ed's dementia diagnosis to his death, it was only six months, and he declined until he was bedridden. I was sole caretaker, but his middle son, would come over...

Wy Woods from Tennessee

I have been caring for my "HoneySi" since 2011 after his diagnosis of Polymyositis. We were making it well until October 5, 2017 when we went to the emergency room for a blood transfusion and he went into Pulmonary overload and had a subsequent heart attack. These last four months have been trials and tribulations because in the hospital he developed End-stage Renal Disease ...

Joyce from Connecticut

My husband, Mike, is 89 yrs. old and will be 90 in August. The last 10 years he started having medical problems- diabetes, a heart attack, pacemaker, knee surgery, blood infections and clostridium difficile. I worked until I retired, but he had issues then too, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and an urostomy surgery (no active bladder) and now has a urostomy bag, which I ta...

Patricia from Virginia

I have been providing around the clock care for my husband of 37 yrs. who has received numerous radiation, chemo, and stem cell transplant treatments for multiple myeloma since 2010. To qualify for the transplants a designated caregiver is required to maintain central lines, administer medication and, perhaps most importantly, monitor around the clock for any sign of infecti...

Christine from Mississippi

Hello, my name is Christine and I'm a single mother of 5 teenagers. The past 6 months have been a very bad struggle with taking care of my oldest daughter and her kids PLUS my own. Recently my daughter Natalie was in a traffic accident, but God gave my daughter another day to live and since that day I thank God for everything and it's been rough, but some people have it wor...

Ruby from Nevada

My husband has bone on bone, no cartilage, and needs two full knee replacements. With my own work...

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