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Robyn from Maryland

I had the honor of being the caregiver for both of my parents during the final years of their liv...

Damon from California

2004 I agreed to take care of dad who had Alzheimer and bone cancer my sister was to care for mom...

Mike from Iowa

My Name is Mike and I am a care taker for my mother Patsy. I have been doing this for almost 10 years and have seen a steady decline in her day to day decision making and she has been lost 3 time but never far away from home. She does not recognize her surroundings and gets confused if I do not drive the same way to town. She gave up her keys do driving the car. Due to v...

Charlotte from Texas

I was the sole caregiver for my husband Brad until he lost his life to prostate cancer. He was so...

Marilyn from California

July 2018 my best friend who was 45 years old suffered a severe accident and was hospitalized for...

Mario from Texas

My father is my hero! I am not married but that is not the reason I wanted to be his caretaker. I...

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