Carol from Texas

When it became painfully evident that Dad, at 90 years of age, needed daily, full time care, as the only daughter of five living in the same city, I moved him in with me. I had help from my son and an agency caregiver for some activities. Ultimately, I was responsible for his bills, his doctors' appointments, getting him to and from dialysis three times a week and caring full time for Dad on the weekends. It was challenging while maintaining a full time job and very surprising to me, that I had little support from my immediate boss when it came to my schedule and much needed time off. I would suggest connecting with a caregiver support community. Still, those three too-short years - William Odell Maxwell passed away in September, 2014 - were a blessing and a gift and brought me and my family some of our best moments in life. My father was a magnificent human being and a beautiful man. We all love and miss him very much.