Donna from Massachusetts

My best friend died last night. I held her hand when her life slipped into eternity. Helpless to plug the dike that held back death. My best friend died last night. Her name was Melissa, Mel, Mom. 3 M's of perfection. I just wanted so badly, to give her my life energy. We had so much accomplished, so much to be had together. The breath of life is something never to be taken for granted. One day here, gone the next. It is scary, how quickly it all happened. We were planning our annual cruise, we always have switched between Mexico, and Bahamas, when she got sick. Just coughing, sweats, everything. Upon doctor visit, she had stage 4 cancer, which we thought might be treatable. Unfortunately, the breath of life holds for no single soul, and she passed within the same month. My mom, while still alive, relied heavily on the AARP benefits, membership, just flat out communication, and during her last few weeks, spent time with people from here daily, and I am forever blessed. While my 3M best friend is no longer with us, I take solace that I feel a piece of here thru everyday actions, and now knowing that there is still this community helps so much. Thanks AARP <3.

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