Janet from Wisconsin

I’ve been a caregiver for ten years. First, for my adult daughter who overdosed on Tylenol resulting in liver failure. She came out of that with no short term memory, inability to process written information and non-epileptic seizures. I performed personal cares, everything from distributing medications to wiping her after the toilet. Supportive cares too. After years of physical and occupational therapy and counseling she has recovered enough to go back to work. That started in 2009, and during that time I worked full time with my husband helping with caregiving duties. In 2013, I got breast cancer. It was caught early only needing radiation. I took early retirement at that time. Now, I’m caregiver for my husband Jim who, two years ago was diagnosed with dementia. Taking care of him has not reached 24/7 yet. I do medications, transportation, and am a watchful eye because he gets confused and forgets where he is. I also maintain the household and all the cooking. I’m getting a little tired.