January from South Carolina

I am a former in-home healthcare certified worker. I have never cared for someone who has as much pain as my partner. He refuses narcotics because of a stomach issue - he just cannot handle them. He has fibromyalgia and back pain due to severe past injuries on the job. He fell from a 2nd story balcony after he was shot in the abdomen by someone he was attempting to assist as an EMT Paramedic. He has had insomnia for nearly a year now with no surcease and no suggestions. Over the counter relief for insomnia is not taking six times the dosage on the packaging to get him to sleep for only a few hours (3-4 hours per night). Needless to say this has affected his temperament and ability to do many things he used to enjoy. He is not the same person I knew.

It is all very difficult for the both of us. Yet, I am very concerned because I feel I need more support in this area. I am suffering physically and emotionally. If I had more contact with others who are in the same boat, maybe I could acquire more knowledge for working with patients who are in SEVERE pain. The most challenging patient I had was someone with Alzheimer's who talked loudly and shouted sometimes because they were reliving past events with me in the room. I've never had a loved one to care for that is this challenging. I just want to be a better caregiver for him. One thing he said to me is, "Don't take it personally." But I am finding it hard to ignore vile names, accusations, et cetera. It's very had for me to find support groups in Oconee County, SC, or else I am still not familiar enough with where to look.