John from Maryland

I’m submitting this about my dad, he’s not tech savvy, but he takes care of my mother Jean, who has had MS for 20+ years. My dad cooks, cleans, shops and drives my mom to all of her appointments, and stays with mom during hospitalizations (she’s had several this past year.) He makes sure she gets some exercise and fresh air daily, takes her meds, and takes her to visit with family and to her MS Group meetings. His love and devotion to her is obvious, her positive outlook on life is directly tied to his love for her. He keeps himself in good health, so he can continue to care for her. My parents aren’t rich, they’ve lived frugally and continue to live below their means to this day. The gift card would be a wonderful gift, he never had much as a kid, so every gift he gets is greatly appreciated, but even if he doesn’t get a card, he does deserve the recognition of being a great husband, father, grandfather and a loving caregiver to his wife of more than 50 years.