Maryanna from Maryland

I am in a very unique situation. I have been an agent with New York Life and work heavily in life insurance and long term care planning as part of a successful retirement plan. On September 29th 2020 my father, Colin, had a cerebellum stroke. My sister, Colleen and I dropped everything to be with him and our mother. We first came to support our mother and couldn't visit dad during his hospital stay and then to act as caregivers. My sister is a mother and due to our father's constant needs her son has deferred school. I am an independent agent with my own agency and I have very limited time to nurture my clients and writing business to support my personal household.

My sister and I chose to do this and I have no regrets. My family is most important above other responsibilities. I feel God will provide and we will find balance.

The unique position for me is experiencing what I try to teach clients about. We are waiting on services for home health and his activities of daily living. We are performing all tasks including transferring, dressing, toileting, continence, and bathing. This situation has helped me really know I am making a difference in my clients lives and I feel it will only strengthen my resolve when approaching difficult situations.

We talk daily about how most people do not have family who would drop everything for them. What do they do? We learned we have to be my dad's biggest advocate or he will get lost in the shuffle. We are experiencing the costs and agencies necessary to care for all of his needs. I have been able to use my knowledge in the field to help move my family forward with care planning and triggering their long term care insurance.

We are looking forward to finding a new normal and getting back to our lives but in the mean time, the four of us are living together and figuring it out day by day.