Catherine from Georgia

My brothers put my mom in assisted living against her will. She was so upset and unhappy. When I saw her mind slipping I took her out. She came to my house to live. She did very well dressing herself and putting her makeup on. She was quiet for the most part. I spent a lot of time taking her to one doctor after another. She was legally blind until I had her cataracts in. She is now 20/30. I bought hearing aids for her. She was suffering from stomach pain for years and I took her to a fast and he got her feeling great. There is nothing more for me to do except to see if she is a candidate for knee ablation. I have 4 siblings and I haven't had one of them to offer to care for my mom for one hour let alone a day. It's been hard to swallow but instead of getting upset I decided to enjoy my mom and have her to myself. We have had some great fun together.