Glory from Hawaii

My mother, Melva, has been in the care of my family and I for as long as I can remember. She is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and requires total care. While I was in college, my sister and I helped my mom get to doctor's appointments, medication administration, feeding, bathing, exercise, and filling out paperwork to apply for programs and medical/supportive care. There are many obstacles that come with caring for a parent; managing your time for personal care and care for your loved ones. At times it can be overwhelming, stressful, and tiresome. It is a 24-hour job that a person does not plan to sign up for, especially as a child. I found that working together as a family and communication is what helps the most. My father provides most of my mother's care now that he is retired. He cares for her 24 hours a day by helping my mom with her ADLs, setting up her meals, helping her with her range of motion exercises, and medication administration. My sister and I provide relief for my father when we can. According to my mother's medical care team, my mom has been doing well since moving in with my sister and her husband; along with the great care and support that she receives. My hope is that my mom knows that she is loved and that we will continue to be there for her.

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