Amy from Wisconsin

My name is Amy. I'm the caretaker of Mary-Frances. I'm responsible for cooking her meals, dressing her, I run errands, pickup dry cleaning, buy groceries and do some light cleaning. Mary-Frances was my mother's life-long friend, until my mother ultimately passed away. I stay with her 24/7. I also provide companionship. And I attend church services along with her, when I'm needed. Mary-Frances is in her late 80's, and certain day-to-day tasks put a strain on her. She had one child, who passed away in infancy. And I guess you can say that I'm like a second daughter to her. She's able to move around without additional help, but has fallen a few times, so she doesn't really move around too often. She's very witty and humorous, she can keep you laughing for hours. Besides that, she has a heart of gold and used to volunteer for the Redcross.

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