Hallie from Ohio

I am writing on behalf of my dad (age 61), who has been taking care of his brother (age 58). I would love to be able to give him a gift card for all of the work he has done. I don't want to go into details about my uncle's situation, but rather focus on all my dad has done for him. My dad does all of his grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions, and cleaning and repairs on the house (it was completely trashed when my dad started this). It has been a stressful situation and a large burden on my dad, who also continues to work. My uncle is not grateful at all and thinks the world is owed to him, all while not wanting to do anything for himself. We recently were able to get him in a temporary living facility for care until he is healthy enough to return to his house. My dad still has to go to the store for him and is running interference between my uncle and the facility because my uncle is so belligerent that they want him removed before he is able to live on his own again. Like I said, it has been very stressful, but my dad was able to get my uncle to stop being so hateful towards the staff and he can stay for another week or more, until he can move back into his house. Once he is back in his own house, my dad will have to continue with his efforts on everything he has been doing. We were finally able to get some resources for my uncle after years of dealing with his declining health and the past month has gotten much better. Hopefully everything will work out once he returns to his house and maybe, if we are lucky, it won't be as stressful on my dad. I really feel for him and all he has gone through and continues to go through. We had to order a plastic couch cover and cloth protector to go over the new couch we bought my uncle. He ruined the old couch to the point that it was not save-able (I won't go into the medical details of how that happened), and we are trying to protect the new couch as much as we can. This is just one of the many things my dad has done (and continues to do) for him.

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