Jamie from California

I am caring for my dad and wanted to express how rewarding it is. I love taking care of him it's like the best thing ever to know that you could give back and take care of your parents because of all they did for you when you were a child, to be able to have that ability to give back is just like the most rewarding feeling and the best thing I could do for my parents right now. My kids adore him so much and he has so many stories to tell about when he was in the navy, he was a cook so he has so many interesting things. So I'm sad but most are very very exciting especially for the children to learn about how life was back then before technology we have now. I just wanted to share my experience on how I love taking care of my dad and me and my husband and children find it very rewarding and if you can please take care of your parents or grandparents they will love you so much for it, it's not easy don't get me wrong it's not easy, but it's well worth it in the end. Sincerely Jamie

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