Aldo from New Mexico

My son Mikey is in rehabilitation to learn how to walk again after falling off a rope bridge while mountain climbing. He had to be evacuated out by helicopter and was in the hospital for a month. He was with friends and they were unable to reach him from where they were and it took several hours for his friend to hike out to a location where they could call for help. Mikey moved in with us after her got released from the hospital and his mother and I take him to his physical therapy appointments 3 times a week. We also help him with his basic needs and take him where he needs to be for all appoints and such. It has changed our daily routines and changed our lives dramatically but the alternative would have been a funeral and no son. That is an unbearable thought and no matter how inconvenienced I am, I will do whatever it takes to help my son walk again and become independent again. Each step he takes is a victory is my eyes and even if it takes ten years, I will spend every day fighting for him to succeed. We could have had a terrible outcome but we got to keep our son and every day I am grateful for that.

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