Jackie from Florida

My parents were married for 53 years when Mom passed away earlier this year from Alzheimers and dementia. My father, now in his mid-80's, had always doted on my mom and took great care of her, even though he was eight years older than she was. The last year of her life, she was incredibly difficult to be around and to care for, yet he did it himself even as it took a toll on him. They were finally ready to move out of their home into a facility that could better care for her than he could alone when she took ill and bounced from one hospital to another until she passed.

Dad moved into this new facility, and has adapted reasonably well considering the loss of his closest friend and lifelong companion. As the child that is most responsible for my father's care and day to day needs, Dad has leaned on me to fill those gaps of loneliness. This is not easy for me, as I work long hours and have my own family.

My once a week visit is now three times a week plus 3-4 phone calls a day just to check-in, in addition to making sure that he is getting the proper care himself at the facility, especially as he has shown a slow but steady downhill track in his own behavior, attitude and overall well-being. I love this man so much that it breaks my heart that I can't do more for him.

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