Penni from Ohio

I am in the process of helping my grandpa Lawrence get into a nursing home. I am assisting my grandma with the details and it's all very confusing and problematic. It's all about insurance, money and bureaucracy. Grandpa is in a geriatric psychiatric unit at the hospital and he doesn't seem to be eligible for medicaid so he is expected to go home where my ailing and elderly grandmother is alone and unable to care for him. This is a huge nightmare and has been a source of frustration for everyone. I don't understand how people can pay into Social Security, Medicaid and pay years upon years, decades upon decades for supplemental secondary insurance and it doesn't pay for anything when you need it. It seems like a big shove off to me and it's all about fend for yourself and we don't care what happens to you. I am so frustrated for my grandma, sad for my grandpa and overwhelmed at all of this. I don't know how people cope and deal with this because I feel like I am going to snap. I am at the end of my rope of the stress that I am able to handle right now. I can only imagine that as frustrated and upset that I am, my grandmother is having 10 times that amount of stress.

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