Desi from Louisiana

I started to care my father–in-law because my sister in law is now deceased and there is no one left to assist him. He has a touch of Alzheimer's disease and sometimes needs help taking care of himself. He also has a difficulty reading documents. So I am normally the person that was reading and taking care of his business before his daughter passed. I visit him daily just to make sure that he has eaten and has taken his medication. I would also make sure that all of his bills are paid monthly. I would also take him to make groceries. Sometimes I would bring cooked meals over to his home. I would also take him to his doctor’s appointments. Having some extra money would help with missed time from work for doctor’s appointments and help on food and gas. Just knowing that I am able to make a difference in his life is the best part. The most challenging part is when he has used the bathroom on himself and having to help lift him to change himself. The only tip that I can offer is if you are taking care of someone you have to want to do it if not you will not be able to provide that person with the proper care.

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