Rebecca from Illinois

Karen and I never really got along. It was the typical Mother-in-Law vs. Daughter-in-Law relationship. I could never make her happy and I was never good enough for her boy. Flashing forward 25+ years and today we are the best of friends. Over the course of her disease, Lewy Body Dementia (and pretty fast moving at that.), she has forgotten all the ways I didn't measure up. Today she has even been known to compliment and appreciate the most basic assistance. She really likes the way I help her get dressed :). Way better than the other girls. There are no other girls here. I think I am a different person to her a lot of the time but never the "Evil" Daughter-in-Law. She needs me and she trusts me, she feels safe with me. That has provided so much healing from the previous years I cannot not express how thankful I am, especially on the rougher days. So, I close with this; It is possible to find blessings hiding in your daily caregiving duties. Always be looking for them, looking forward will clearly remind us of our mission, and our goal.

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