Gregg from Texas

My wife, Penny, has been dealing with breast cancer for 18 years. In 2000 she got breast cancer, and had a mastectomy and a tram-flap reconstruction. We saw the doctor every 6 months when in 2007 the breast cancer returned in her spine, and since spread to both of her hips, 6 ribs, shoulder blades, lung, liver, and in December 2016 spread to her Brain. She then had Whole Brain Radiation and still has a tumor on the right side of her brain.

She has been in some kind of chemo for the last 10 1/2 years! She has recently been dealing with over use of steroids, and can't walk without assistance. She has no strength, and is also too weak strength-wise to do just about anything. She is now on a chemo to treat her below the neck cancer and just relying on the residual effects of Whole Brain Radiation to treat her brain tumor.

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