Nydia from Florida

I am an only child to both my divorced parents. My 84 year old dad, who still resides in New York City, has lung cancer, multiple breathing diagnoses and lives alone. My healthy 84 year old mom was diagnosed with dementia in late 2015, which has been progressing. I brought her down to stay with me in Florida and I've been transitioning her out here gradually since because she is a high functioning person who still can make simple decisions on her life and needs and wants. I work full time and manage both their medical needs and finances, and travel frequently to New York to check in on my dad. My two daughters and I have moved in together for support and I have adjusted my hours at work so that my mom is not alone. I even have her older brother, who is 87, helping out. However, it is taking a toll on me, trying to complete my 40-hour work week. I find that I will have to retire earlier than expected. I am already making plans to do things together with her to keep us both busy, when that time comes, but I will need a break every now and then. I have experience working with Alzheimer/Dementia patients, when I worked in Long Term Care, but it is never the same when your loved one is affected. Life is full of surprises and I never thought I would be in this situation, but I would do anything for my parents, no questions asked!

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