Paula from Texas

My husband had a stroke then brain bleeds in multiple sites from the drug used to treat strokes, ending up on a ventilator unconscious for over a month. He was in ICU over 5 weeks, a nightmarish LTAC for another 5 weeks then inpatient rehab for 6 months. I had to return to work after his 1st week in ICU, during our daughter’s senior year of high school. Our son had just graduated college & began his career. When we finally brought Otha home June 10, 2017 I had to retire to become his caregiver. No one in all that time in facilities helped us explore home health options. By the time I figured it out his insurance was about to end so here we are... early 60’s unplanned early retirement, a child as a sophomore in college, a mortgage & car payment and a truckload of stress that daily challenges the faith that has carried us on this journey. We know we are in the hands of our God of unfailing love... and we’re holding on!

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