Lucia from Ohio

My husband of 22 years, Jay, is dying of Parkinson's Disease. A year ago, with a life prognosis of 6 months or less, he went into a nursing home under the aegis of Hospice. This was a sudden and dramatic process, because his severe decline took less than 6 months. Dementia had been present for some time, but he was adept at covering. So we didn't notice that he had borrowed large sums of money in signature loans. He also, apparently, let any insurance policies lapse. Room rent at the nursing home is $5500 - 5800+ per month. It took up his pension, leaving me little or nothing to live on, pay bills, mortgage, food, medicines, maintenance. I had a savings account from my father's will and had to live on that. It is now gone. I am filing bankruptcy and have had to sell our home. Family friends are buying it and will allow me to stay on in it as long as I want, the one bright spot in the picture. But I am several months behind at the nursing home, and they are planning to evict Jay sometime in the next two weeks. To where? We can't care for him here, and it is no longer my house. We were a middle class family, my husband a retired college professor. This has been a total collapse of all of our plans and dreams. And on the few occasions when Jay can see out from inside his cocoon, the pain in his eyes breaks what is left of my heart. The stress of the situation has kicked my Autoimmune Disease and chronic clinical depression into high gear, and I am having to concede that I, alone am not able to do anything more to keep us safe.

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