Mary from New York

It started when Mom had a stroke and brain anuersym. The surgery left her without a voice, cutting off her vocal cords. She was only 58 and had so much life to live. From that day forward she was in & out of adult day care programs (kicked out of many) for one thing or another. It seemed like we got a call every other day with a problem. She was also in & out of hospitals for many reasons. We even had nurses come to the house, which she didn't like because Mom was independent in her mind and didn't want them! She also had a feeding tube inserted but she ripped that out. As she got older and couldn't be alone, while we worked, she had to go into nursing home care. From there she deteriorated rapidly. In the meantime, my oldest brother, who also helped with mom had a stroke at 53 & couldn't work anymore. I had to also help him a lot. I basically had two adults in wheelchairs & no other person to help me. My brother had a lot of medical issues and a lot of paperwork in which he was also in & out of hospitals with many surgeries. Sadly, both of them passed recently as did another brother from cancer.

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