More Support for Family Caregivers

Across the country, AARP is fighting for family caregivers like you. Because all you do to help your parents, spouses and other loved ones live independently at home and in the community deserves recognition and support. That’s why we’re working for help at home, workplace flexibility, training and more. Stay up to date on the important issues that affect you and your family &emdash; in your state and nationwide.

Your Story Matters

AARP believes family caregivers like you aren’t celebrated or supported nearly enough. Thanks to you, older parents, spouses and other loved ones can live independently in their homes and communities. Sharing your story can make a difference. Speak out and help us fight for more support for family caregivers in your state.

Your story will help us continue to fight for more support, help at home, workplace flexibility, training and relief in your state — and more.

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Your Family Caregiving Stories Inspire Us All.

Jenean from Ohio

When my father passed away last June I had to step in and care for my mom Arlene. I had to quit ...

Ron from Utah

I was the primary care-giver for two of my best friends. First was Joe back in the mid 1990s. He ...

Dee from Georgia

After going home to visit in Boston I discovered that my dad was having difficulty remembering th...

Lisa from North Carolina

I am still working outside of the home and am the primary caregiver for my husband, who has stage...

Sharon from South Carolina

Hi. My name is Sharon. I am a caregiver for my mom, Mrs. Bernice G. Mrs. G. has always been a har...

RoseMarie from Texas

When our daughter was born we were informed that she had Down Syndrome, we were told that raising...

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