More Support for Family Caregivers

Across the country, AARP is fighting for family caregivers like you. Because all you do to help your parents, spouses and other loved ones live independently at home and in the community deserves recognition and support. That’s why we’re working for help at home, workplace flexibility, training and more. Stay up to date on the important issues that affect you and your family &emdash; in your state and nationwide.

Your Story Matters

AARP believes family caregivers like you aren’t celebrated or supported nearly enough. Thanks to you, older parents, spouses and other loved ones can live independently in their homes and communities. Sharing your story can make a difference. Speak out and help us fight for more support for family caregivers in your state.

Your story will help us continue to fight for more support, help at home, workplace flexibility, training and relief in your state — and more.

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Your Family Caregiving Stories Inspire Us All.

Sally from Pennsylvania

My name is Sally and I am a full time caregiver to Roy, my 91 year old father. He has lived with...

Susan from New Jersey

My husband is John K. He got Parkinson's at the age of 52. He is 68 and a Vietnam Vet. His neurol...

Deborah from Virginia

My name is Deborah. I am 65 years old. My mother is 85 My journey as an adult caregiver began 33 ...

Kezia from Georgia

My name is Kezia and I am the caregiver of my mother, Isabelle, a 1956 Olympic Bronze Medalist (M...

Denise from Oklahoma

My brother Ben’s death proved to be a defining moment for Mom. At the memorial service, Mom asked...

Iris from Texas

I left my job to take care of mom in my home full time. She gave us life , helped raised our chil...

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