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Every day, you deliver medicine. You deliver meals. You deliver love. Now, it’s our turn to deliver for you. Share your family caregiving story with AARP and we’ll give you a gift card for gas, groceries, or the drug store. All while we continue to fight for more support for family caregivers like help at home, workplace flexibility, training, relief—and much more. That’s how AARP will keep delivering, for you.

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Able from Arkansas

Hello my name is Abel. My wife name is Sofia and me have 4 children together. We've been married 24 years.Two years ago my world crumbed. Sofia had a stroke that left her paralyzed on the right side. She was the boss get everything done kind of women. All that was robbed from her on October 13 2014 ...going on 3 years...Its been a living hell. I now have to take care of her ...

Jacquie from Ohio

I started caregiving when I was in high school, helping my mother care for her Aunt Vera, who suf...

Allie from Arkansas

Hello, My name is Allie. I'm a 19 year old student in Arkansas and I take care of both my mother and my younger sibling. Instead of partying and being irresponsible I take it upon my self to take care of my mother, who can hardly walk, and my thirteen year old sister who has a learning disability. My day usually consists of taking my sister to school then returning home to t...

Courtney from Missouri

My father Scott was 54 at the time of diagnosis. We noticed some confusion and sought treatment. ...

James from Virginia

When me and my sister lived in Winchester, VA she complained of chest pains in her chest one night. I called the ambulance because she was having a heart attack. They put in stints and sent her home. I took care of her until she got well. I took her to the grocery store and to her doctors oppointments, and get her medications. She is diabetic and has been for sometime now. I...

Gem from North Carolina

My Grandma Janine was my first best friend so when she had a stroke I dropped out of school to co...

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