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Damaris from Puerto Rico

I care for my mother Alicia who after suffering a Cerebral infarction needs 24/7 care. It’s the least I can do after she cared for me and my five siblings for our entire childhood. It’s been tough balancing work and caring for my mother and I had to hire a nurse to help when I can’t work from home. Since we live in Puerto Rico it’s been difficult to secure doctor’s appoin...

Iinan from Michigan

I was my husband Jim's caregiver. I gave him his meds, shots, and antibiotics thru his picc line....

Lyndon from North Carolina

I am married to a 73-year-old wonderful lady, who because of falls and several brain bleeds, has ...

Wanda from Georgia

My name is Wanda and I am the caregiver, mother, servant, teacher, woman of god for my son Jimmy. He is 17 years old. I started taking care of him when he was born. He is my angel. My son went through a lot. He had heart surgery when he was a 1 year old, he is a special needs child. He started wearing AFOs on his legs to help him walk. He used a walker and used to be in a wh...

Megan from West Virginia

I'm 68 years young and the caregiver for two adult little ones. It's been a trying time and we never expected things to go the way they did when these two first arrived. We had a lot of trials and we're still sticking in there. My 71 year old husband helps me and we're making it work. We occasionally get assistance but it's really hard to find help if we want to do simple th...

Eelaine from North Carolina

I have severe emphysema and am oxygen 24/7. When my husband was hospitalized last August from a f...

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