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David from South Carolina

My wife and I care for our son who suffered a devastating birth injury almost 18 years ago. We care for him in our home 24x7. He suffered brain injury due to a forceps breech birth. We perform feeding, bathing, toileting, dressing, etc. for him. He cannot walk or talk yet enjoys life as we all do. He has been a true blessing for our family. I left work at the end of 2012 to ...

Billie Jean from West Virginia

I was a certified nursing assistant for over 25+ years. My dad Wycee is legally blind and he's 82 years old. I work for him 8am-4pm 5 days a week. I take him to church, to the store, and Dr. appointments, do light housekeeping and help with bills. Just being a companion to him. I love my job, whether it's family or a friend. I enjoy my job and people. Thank you P.S. I ...

Susan from New York

I too love caregivers; caregiving. My name is Susan, I've been caregiving at a very young age (9). Through the years I worked for Senior Services, caring for people in their homes. I traveled a lot. I cared for my parents before they passed back in 1991 and 1994. My dad was living with me, he passed away in my home. My mother-in-law also passed away in my home while I car...

April from Virginia

I'm April and I take care of my friend's 73 year old father. He has copd and emphysema. She has b...

Betty from Michigan

We found out last month that my husband Larry has Lung Cancer. We are currently in the process of...

Thomas from North Carolina

A warm hello to all you good hearted caregivers. The sweet little old man in the picture is my gr...

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