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Every day, you deliver medicine. You deliver meals. You deliver love. Now, it’s our turn to deliver for you. Share your family caregiving story with AARP and we’ll give you a gift card for gas, groceries, or the drug store. All while we continue to fight for more support for family caregivers like help at home, workplace flexibility, training, relief—and much more. That’s how AARP will keep delivering, for you.

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Rose from California

So I'm taking care of my grandmother. She's 86 and now she been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She was very depress at first and she was not dealing with it very well. The doctors gave her medication for her depression to help her. She slowly started to not remember things. And still is on and off like this. I am at home with her for most of the day and my other sister care...

Mary from California

My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer about 5 years ago. She was okay until she got diagnosed with colon cancer and then she got sicker and sicker. She was eating less and just wasn't going well for her. Things got really complicated and she was losing a lot of blood then she got surgery and she passed away a couple days after the surgery. So sad to have to let her go...

Rose from California

So I take care of my grandmother she's paralyzed can't move talk or anything. My grandfather died a couple years ago and she stopped responding to a lot of things she use to do. Sometimes I still find her crying, I could just feel her pain. It was just a lot for me to do in my own. I love my grandmother very much and it was really hard at first, but it's been one of the be...

Christine from North Carolina

I help care for my mom Judi. She lives alone and used to live a very active life. Over the past year she has struggled with ongoing sickness that has left her weaker and less likely to leave the house on her own. Our family understands the importance of seeing that she is eating nutritious meals, leaving the home, socializing and taking care of herself to regain the stren...

Victoria from Florida

For two years, I lived with my mother, Morag, who became bedridden with complications from rheumatoid arthritis, and my grandmother, Mae, who had dementia. Because of who these women were, and the love and support they had given me for my whole life, there was no question but to rise to the challenge and give them all I had. I was on my own for a long time--lights always o...

Jack from Ohio

2 years ago my wife, Anna, was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a devastating diagnosis and w...

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