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Elizabeth from Florida

I took care of my lovely mother with quality care and supervision for almost 11 years, and I woul...

Theresa from Michigan

I take full responsibility for caring for my spouse who is in mid-stage of dementia. There is no ...

Daniel from Massachusetts

I take care of my mom. I started to take care of her because she’s getting older and it breaks my heart to see her need help. I take her to do laundry, food shop, help pay bills. Maintain the home she still lives in. I stop by weekly to check in and take care of all her needs to this day. It has taught me so much about being there for family and taking care of them when they...

Britiny from Massachusetts

Hello, my name is Britiny and I take care of a family member that I consider a second grandmother. She is my whole world. Having known if she didn’t have a home caregiver she would’ve been in a group home would’ve broke my heart with the experience in group homes I have. Caregiving gets me up every morning, besides my son, and to help someone who deserves it and has been the...

Linda from Washington

My son's name is Thomas, he is a very happy and loving boy who suffered from cerebral palsy. I do everything from feeding him to bathing him. Being a caregiver can be stressful but definitely so worth it when I see a smile on my son's face. A tip I would give to other caregivers would be to take care of yourself, because it can take a toll on your mind and body if you don’t....

Lesa from Florida

Mom had two strokes in June,2016 when she was 77, leaving some cognitive issues, but thankfully no major physical deficits. She was still working, and worked 61 years of her life, mainly to pay insurance. She did not receive retirement benefits except a little Social Security, which is sad after years of dedication. She would still work if she could. My dad fell in November ...

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