Gwen from DC

No one will ever understand the heartache, helplessness and hopelessness that come with caring for a loved one when there are no resources available. I will never forget that dreadful day December 2009 when my mom had her first stroke. Our lives have never been the same. If you have ever had to take care of a loved one who is unable to care for themselves you will understand my pain.

Mom had no retirement, no savings, and no medical benefits; all she had was a social security check that was slightly over $1000 a month. This monthly income did not allow her to receive benefits form the state; she was over the income to receive assistance, mom was totaled dependent on me.

Mom needed round the clock care and assistance with everything, she could not even take herself to the bathroom. The first two years I depleted my savings and was working on my 401K just to purchase her medication. I paid $650 every two week for someone to care for her in my home and while I went to work.

I am so grateful to the staff of Legal Counsel for the Elderly who steeped in and assisted me in getting an EPD Weaver and other resources for my mom to make her caregiving a little easier.

No one prepares you for this job but it is a job that some of us are required to do. The only reward is knowing that at the end of the day I have done everything I can to care for my mother and to make her remaining days as comfortable as possible.

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