Andrew from DC

My name is Andrew and I am a caregiver to my grandmother Kathryn. I have been helping take care of her for the past 3 years as much as I can. I am not able to quit working although that would be ideal because she needs around the clock care at this point. Currently we do not have the means to make this happen but I ensure that she has everything she needs before I go to work, come home on my lunch breaks and then straight home after work. Occasionally another family member may pop over, but in general I provide about 90% of her care.

I know there are resources out there that can help us but I feel that they have been made impossible to find. I often wonder if that is so people give up and don't bother to keep looking or trying to find the help they need. It is a tough situation. I treasure the time I spend with my grandma but I am tired. I would never quit providing her care, she raised me when my own mother abandoned me. I just need a little help and will continue to push through and research when I can.

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