Tish from Indiana

Although I have a PhD after my name, it doesn't mean I can heal anything. And when my mother's eyesight began to fail and my Dad died, it became apparent that if my 94 year old mom was going to have any quality of life she would need to relocate from Ohio and come to live in Indiana. We love having her but a recent bout of pneumonia left her weak and needing more assistance. The best part of my experience is holding her hand as we go across the street like I did when I was a child. I cherish every time I get to do that. However, as you can see from the picture, I am caught between caring for small grandchildren part time and my mom full time. Thank goodness I am retired. They should say that I am 'betired' not 'retired'. Seriously, attending to my mom's prescriptions and hearing aids, finding new doctors, navigating new medicare insurance plans, cooking a specialized diet, getting her checkbook balanced, getting her a new State ID, getting her finances in order for tax time, washing her clothes and managing her hospital bills not to mention trying to keep her connected to family and manage the physical therapist, occupational therapists and visiting nurses is a serious full time commitment. As the matriarch of the family she is respected and loved. I hope we have her for many more years but having instruction from qualified medical professionals is what I really need. I am willing to learn if the system is willing to teach me. I want her to have the best care available and I am now an advocate to help make that happen. I am hopeful that Indiana passes the CARE Act that will support the work of the more that 1.3 million Indiana caregivers. We caregivers want to do the best we can but will need the help of medical professionals to make that dream a reality.

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