Lynn from Colorado

I help my 93 yr. old disabled Dad and my 68 yr. old disabled husband stay at home. We live in a duplex, with Dad on one side and my husband & I on the other. I am fortunate to have training for this, as I am a CNA doing home health care, though I've had to drop from full-time to part-time just so I could keep up with driving my guys to a myriad of doctor's appointments, shopping, and errands. They are both in power chairs, and we can't afford a handicapped van, and it is difficult for them to transfer, so they don't like to go out for rides much. We do have some home health care set up, which helps, but it is still taking a toll on us financially. In order for me to get any time off, I have to pay out of pocket for help for them, and we are not well off, so needless to say, even though we all know I need 'me' time, it isn't feasible. My only working part time now doesn't allow for many/any extras.

I often feel overwhelmed, and often wonder how people with no training cope with this. My guys deserve dignity and to be able to stay at home, and a quality of life, so I am here. We were blessed to be able to keep Mom home until she passed, and I hope to do the same for my guys. What the stress toll will be on me remains to be seen. Without financial and/or physical help, this is the way it is for us, very difficult.

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