Veronica from Ohio

Hello caregivers and those who respect those who are. My Mom (Elvera) came to live with me (Veronica Lynne) in Sept 2014 due to Congestive Heart Failure possibly brought on by my Dad's passing (Walter) in July 2014. I come from a family of 12 children my parents raised and nurtured, pretty lively bunch in my opinion :). The doctors said it was best she would not try to conquer stairs , that became an issue; as her home is a two level story with bed and restroom on 2nd level. I have always been available for my parents as their health started to fade , Saturdays grocery store for over 8years and anytime doing the week a need was needed I would travel from my home in Canal Winchester to theirs about 19mins away: sometimes 4 to 5 times in a week. I don't mention time, distance , nor response to be of importance because I would do it no matter what. So she (My Mom Elvera) decided after speaking with two other siblings, which are out of state to come stay with me. I am happy she did, yet struggle as the responsibilities of care giving are not easy nor should they be taken for granted or lightly by anyone. The truth is, your life becomes their life and in reality of it all you are one living to help the other. I am blessed by a company to work from home and have been for almost 3 years, so all things work together for the good. I have struggled to understand why some believe it's my Mom and not ours, what I mean is nothing really has changed , let me clarify that please. When my Mom was at her house I was there more than others (other than my brother who lives next-door in parents duplex). It really should be no surprise life goes on for us all even if it means Mom is secondary to our commitments, obligations, and other promises outside of her. I have questioned myself and power in charge why me? I now understand I have never placed anything before than when they needed me. I am thankful to God for showing me its' not about me always and my reward and crown is waiting; so with that patience is a virtue and God is a rewarder of those who really choose to show his love for it doesn't exalt at anytime nor with any person. I pray you are prepared to be a caregiver, I pray you know your course, and whom your help comes from . God Bless you as you care for those whom he cares for as well.

Veronica Lynne

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