Susan from Arkansas

I must first say that the person I helped for 10 years was my mother in law. Her name was Iva Teresa Carson. She passed away 2 years ago, but caring for her 24 hours a day after we moved her into our home was quite a story. Let me begin...I met momma Iva before I knew her son. Her husband was in the Nursing Home. She had never driven so I would take him home to her and back during the weekend sometimes. I came to know and love them both . After marrying her son I helped her with many things although I worked selling insurance . After marrying her son, my husband Michael, her alzheimers got worse. I found this very christian lady one day walking outside naked. I moved her into our home, and quit my job. She stayed and lived for the next 5 years until her death. During the 5 years she lived with us, we laughed, we talked, we gave me her life story as she remembered it, and I wrote a book about it. However there were other moments that were not that much fun. Like the times she decided she had already had a bath and would bite my arms as hard as she could with her very natural teeth, though she was 84. There were times when this once, no cursing woman would curse me like a stranger and spit on me. Once she grabbed my hair when I reached down to help her sit up in the bed , her arms were amazingly strong and she had her finger so matted up in my hair that when she pulled my head so far down in her lap, that I could not get loose without tearing her fingers up, all I could do was yell for my husband, who had not yet gone to work, to come help me. That was her. tearing me up one minute, and loving on me and telling me she loved me the next. At times I would be so tired that I would have to walk outside and pray to our Father for help to keep my patience. He always supplied me with the patience and love for this special lady. One that was a second momma to me after mine had passed. A lady who I will always remember with love and respect. A lady who was not herself her last few years, all the time, but she was always loved by her son and myself. She had 2 daughters who lived far away who loved her also. When my mom in law went into a coma, we put a monitor in her room and kept it with us. I slept on her floor the last nights before she passed, so I could turn her and give meds. we were with her as she went home to Our Lord. She blessed us as much as we blessed her. I guess that was God's plan all along.