Luz from Virgin Islands

Good day to you all. My name is Luz Rivera. I am taking care of my mom and dad here in the sunny U.S.Virgin Islands. Their names are Angel M. Rivera Sr. and Terecita R. Rivera. I am the sole caregiver. I've retired so that I could have moved back and assist and now take care of my parents 24/7. Some days can be challenging, due to the strokes they both have memory issues at times ( this is why I have to make sure they take their meds, and do the cooking ) and their mobility has been diminishing ( this is why I have to assist them with their daily living needs, like cooking, cleaning, and other tasks that we able body folks take for granted ), however the reward of them being happy, because they can stay at home, and live as full a life as possible for them is enough. They have been awesome parents through out my life, and it is an honor and a privilege to be able to be the best daughter I can be for them. I love them so much. Both of my parents suffered strokes, and my father also had broken his hip. If at all possible an increase in respite assist would be greatly appreciated. To all the other caregivers out there... hang in there and love them up as much as possible.

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