Marilyn from Pennsylvania

I quit my full time job to take care of my mother Grace who had Alzheimer disease. It was a 24/7/365 job. One day I was busy with work and the next I was busy with mom. I spent every waking hour with her...often getting up way early so that I could have a little time to myself before mom awoke. Mom liked to elope. She needed constant line of sight supervision, including throughout the night. My husband, who maintained his full time job, moved a mattress to the floor outside of her bedroom and slept there every night so that, should my mom decide to roam, he would be there to gently redirect her back to bed. He did that so that I could have at least 8 hours of rest! My mom was his mother in law. His love for her will live with me always. I never asked him to do what he did....indeed I did not know what to do! He devised the plan and executed it for two full years until mom passed on. My husband and I have never regretted taking care of mom. It remains one of our most vivid memories and makes our own lives feel fulfilled and worthwhile!