Claudio from California

Wow, 24 years later I am still taking care of my Mamma. It feels like yesterday I decided I was going to not only take care of her, but allow her the life she wanted! Having a mother who has always loved her children unconditionally and who has been my cheerleader of my life and having true love, it came naturally to me to be the one to have her with me. I know the time I have taking a break from caring for her allows me to see what life is really all about!

"AMORE" love is a big word & sadly I have seen so many who do not make the time to spend with senior parents or even one of them, life is a full circle and I have learned what you put into life and taking care of a parent has big rewards, listening to my mother remember life back in Italy where she was raised and hearing about family history has been priceless and I have been so blessed to have her in my life and I would not change one thing and have never any regret and so glad I made that choice, she has enriched not only my life but the lives of many. My mother Natalina will be 83 on Christmas day this year and the best gift for Christmas for me is having her here and smiling and laughing and living day by day, I think I am the luckiest 52 year old around.

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