Chad from Hawaii

My name is Chad, I am 28 years old and I live with my grandmother Annaceta, whom I care for. It has been the two of us since I was 18 years old. Grandma has always been there for me and I am blessed to be able to do the same for her.

Within the last six months my grandma had fallen a few times and had two heart attacks. When she came out of the hospital she was not the same mentally and physically. She became dependent on me for just about everything, except feeding herself.

As far as time goes, the caregiving never stops. If I am not with grandma, I am thinking about her. There are times where she has anxiety attacks or needs her diaper to be changed in the middle of the night, so it is close to a 24 hour job.

At the moment, grandma relies on me to change her diapers, administer medications, and provide her meals. I try my hardest to make her do things on her own, to help her gain some of her independence back. She has a standby assist status, so bathing/cleaning she is able to do on her own, but I make sure to be nearby to prevent falls.

Affordable care at home would help me the most as a caregiver. With affordable care, I would be able to hire someone to help watch over grandma when I am not home.

The best part for me is being able to give back to someone that raised me. Understanding that she sacrificed a lot to take care of me makes the situation so much easier. My goal is to make her remaining years as comfortable as possible. The most challenging thing as a caregiver is time management and changing diapers because I have a weak stomach (lol).

The best tip I can give anyone is to be optimistic because not every day is going to be a good one. Also, never give up, because you are the only hope that they have. Lastly, there’s a reason you do what you do; as much as they need you, you need them.

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