Corrie from Mississippi

Hello my name is Corrie Dye and I am the caregiver for my mother Carolyn Dye. My mom is 62 yrs old. She took ill around December of 2014 and her doctors informed us that my Mom could no longer live by herself due to dementia, alzheimer's, and a seizure disorder which the seizures were brought on by her neurological condition. She resided in Chicago IL and was pretty much hiding her deteriorating condition from my sister and I because she wanted to remain independent. When my sister call me in Mississippi where I live to discuss our options with my mom it was an easy decision for me ask that she come stay with me in the south. So my sister packed up all her stuff and brought her here with me in January of this year. I have been gainfully employed in Logistics Management at the time she arrived for the past 14 years. I sought a suitable A=adult daycare program where I could drop her off in the morning before I went to work and came back to get her by 6pm. When she arrived with me I did notice that her memory was severely diminishing and her speech was no longer the same. I fought to try to understand her every word and usually had to finish her sentences for her. She had become very timid , quiet and non communicative as I had always known her to be. My mom was highly educated and a professional and verbally articulate person all her life. It truly bothered her that she could not express herself as she always had. He first day of Adult care was so hard for me leaving her there. We cried when I dropped her off but I knew it would be good for her because it was a great facility with people her age and a lot of activities daily.

A couple of weeks went by then she started having seizures to a degree that I had to call off for work almost everyday for a month straight. I ended getting written up from my job because of my attendance because of me caring for my mom. I spoke with her primary care doctor to schedule her to see a neurological specialist to check her progression and what was causing her to have so many seizures.

The doctor she referred us to scheduled us an appointment at least a month away. Basically I had to stick it out until her appointment. My mom had a grand mall seizure almost every morning until the appointment. During the wait I was then terminated from my job that I had been at for years. To be frankly honest I really didn't care because my Mom was my only concern. So I stayed home with her until the doctors visit. When we finally got to see the neurologist I found out her memory loss and seizure disorder was far more progressed than it should have been for her age. The doctor said that he had never seen someone so young with a condition so bad.

Well needless to say shes been prescribed meds and therapy since then. Right now I am a proud full time caregiver for my mom. Its the only job I've ever felt so privileged to have. She's been through a lot. I am her right hand. She doesn't remember much but she knows and remembers her children and grand children. I'm so blessed to have experienced this. I was raised in the south where no elderly or sick family member is placed in a nursing home. My dad took care of his Mom. My grandparents were caregivers for their parents until the went home to glory. So this is a no brainer for me and I wouldn't change a thing.

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