Christopher from Ohio

My wife and I have two children,one is preparing to graduate from high school. We are in our forties. One set of our parents have both had severe medical changes over the last 2 years. Tom has been placed in a nursing center for 24 hour care. Mom was working part-time to pay for bills, but had to stop due to open heart surgery. She lives alone and we care for both of them.
For mom our care includes trips to hospitals and doctors as well as everyday items around her home. For Dad it is routine visitation and interceding on his behalf as an advocate for his medical care. These trips and expenses seems small on a daily basis but can add up at the end of the month. Our children love their grandparents and are great at providing care, but they also need time for school and sports. All of this also adds time away from our workplace, meaning we use personal vacation days away from our jobs, leaving us with less income for any type of vacation or relaxation.
Thanks to our church, friends and extended family, we know we are appreciated. They also lend some support when requested. But having workplace support or financial support such as tax credits, would be a huge change to our lives!

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