Norman from Pennsylvania

I helped my wife with household chores and visiting the bathroom in the last year of her life. I had no idea how ill she was. I'm sure I didn't go through any where near as much as others, but it was still challenging at the time.

I still had to work; there was no way out of it. I didn't have enough money saved up to live any length of time without a paycheck and I needed the medical coverage for both of us. Paid family leave would have been nice if it would have been available. My employer did help as much as possible, but not without the occasional "I have worked with you, now it is time for you to work with me". In other words, if something came up, they expected to come first.

I took care of housekeeping and laundry among other things. I must say that my wife did teach me a lot during this time. That is the thing that I remember the most about this experience.

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