Kimberly from New York

I am the patient and my husband Thomas L. is the caregiver. I have been married to my best friend since August 14,2010. I met my husband on a christian website. In 2009 I fell at work and broke my lower back. I crushed the L-4-S-1 disc in my lower back. I have had 3 surgeries, countless doctor's appointment, test, injections and my husband has been right by my side the whole time. Then in June 2015 I got extremely sick with kidney disease, I had a blood clot that went from the back of my left foot all the way up to my heart and it wiped out my kidney's. My husband has been with me through everything surgeries, hospitalizations (June 2015-January 2016 & Oct 2016) test, doctor's appointments. And, with this said he also works full time his company has been fanatic to him. He also cooks, cleans, helps me with some or part of my shower, helps me get dressed, takes me to dialysis. He is an incredible man with incredible heart who I love very much.

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