Barbara from New York

My husband Paul is 78 & Alzheimers has been creeping up for several years. We lost all our money because he didn't know what he was doing. He can barely walk and gets angry often, us of all sorts of things. I have no friends or family that are willing to help. I am his everything. We are in foreclosure because of the Alzheimers. We are over qualified for social services because we get too much social security. I go from pantry to pantry for food, and begging for fuel, and no medicad. I have a gofund me account but hardly anyone donates. I have no time for me. He follows me everywhere. I have signs up in the house because he doesn't know where the rooms are. I had a lock down in Walmart because he took off. He insists on doing his own meds and argues with me about them. He also has a pacemaker/def and he's diabetic. Everything in the house is broken, sinks, electricity, bathroom titles, etc. We have no way to get these things fixed to make life easier. I can't clean when he's up he gets annoyed. The house is starting to look like a hoarders house. He tells people that I am not taking care of him. I am besides myself. I can't do it on my own. We have two adult special need sons living with us. Paul, my husband and my oldest fight constantly, it's heart breaking. Paul used to be an aerospace scientist and now he has trouble using the tv remotes. I take him to all sorts of doctors about his legs but no one seems interested in helping. I truly don't know what to do anymore. We really need some help, I'm so tired of making phone calls after phone calls and not getting anywhere. I hope you can find someone to help us. Thanks, Barbara

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