Norma Jean from Oklahoma

My caregiving story began in June of 2010 and ended on the 1st of October 2014. My husband was seriously ill for five years. Heart attacks and by pass surgery in July 2010; mini strokes throughout 2011; congestive heart failure; prostate surgery; renal failure in 2012; broken hip in 2013; surgery for a perforated colon and finally a massive stroke that killed him in 2014. While I was trying to take care of him I was also caring for two special needs foster/adopt children. Little to no help from our grown kids or anyone else. Lots of interference from social workers, lies and gossip behind my back from so called Christians (church family). Ever been to hell and back. I have. Ran out of money shortly before my husband died. While I was trying to take care of him I had my first heart attack with three stents and an esophageal hemorrhage . The two kids jumped ship one in December of 2011 and the other in March of 2013. They simply didn't want to do the hard work involved with taking care of their adoptive father. Caregivers are certainly underappreciated, overly burdened and rarely get the help they need without it costing them dearly. I am only hitting the tip of my iceberg here. And yes I came this ordeal bitter and hurting like crazy. Loved everyone involved but have gotten to the other side of the ordeal feeling totally unloved, unwanted, used and abused.

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