Jan from Georgia

My husband's name is Robert. We have been married for 27 years. He is 63. In October of 2015, he had an ischemic stroke that left him paralyzed on the left side.

He has learned to walk again with a quad cane but does not have mobility in his left arm and hand. He has cognitive issues so he cannot make good decisions for himself or our family any longer. Because he cannot use his left arm, I have to bathe him, dress him, help with toileting, everything. He does not seem to be motivated to do his therapy and exercises at home which is very frustrating for me. That and the fact that he is very stubborn are my biggest challenges. I work a full-time job for a university from home (Thank Goodness) but find it hard to manage him and my job. I would love to find a day program that he could attend a few days a week so he could socialize and give me some time to get things done. They are all very expensive or require him to be independent so no luck there. The advice I would give to other caregivers is to take care of yourself and find time to be away from the person you are taking care of.

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