Patricia from New York

My mom's name was Novella, she passed away two years ago. I was a sick child and young adult, single parent (separated from my abusive husband) with three children. Mom took care of me and my children. She took care of us until I was 50 years old. Then I realized her memory was getting bad and her health was failing so I had to take care of her although I was not in good health. She had Alzheimer's and fluid on the brain, and she became blind. So I took care of her with the same love she gave me until she passed. I had to retire early. I was blessed to have my daughter to take care of her the times I was in the hospital for a few surgeries. I would do it all over again because she was my best friend to the end. She was in the hospital in hospice for a week until she passed. I never left her alone, I slept in the room next to her. When she was taking her last breaths I climbed in the bed with her, let her know she will be alright and I will also because I have my daughter to take care of me like she took care of me and I took care of her. Yes there were days it was hard to due my heath but I don't regret it, not one hard day.

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