Gary from Georgia

My name is Gary and I have the privilege of caring for my 90 year old mother, Vera Jean. After her retirement, my mother spent a great deal of her time visiting senior care facilities, we were all unaware at that time that she was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. She would return from these visits and comment on how depressing residing in these facilities can be and expressed her desire to remain in her own home as long as possible. Today, she is in the final stages of the disease and also suffers from renal failure, despite these challenges she remains in the home where she has so many loving memories. I am convinced that remaining in a familiar environment where she receives the adoration of loving family members contributes both to successfully combating health issues and maintaining the beautiful smile that frequently adorns her face. Despite whatever hardships, I am determined to honor my mother's wishes as long as humanly possible.

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