Jazmine from Pennsylvania

I am caring for my 80 year old grandmother Edith and started 3 years ago. None of my grandmother's kids wanted to step up to the plate and take care of her because she is a Diabetic and requires a lot of care. My grandmother did not want to be put in a Nursing home so I offered to take care of her part time as well as work my part time job. She just recently had to come live with me because of the financial strain when my grandfather died and she could not afford to keep her house. I am a RN by trade and I work 40 hours a week and care for my grandma and children. It is tough because she has wounds from time to time, rigorous medication schedules since she is on insulin and I have to prepare meals for her. I spend about 40-60 hours a week caring for my grandma. I wish I had someone to help prepare her meals and medications it would lift a big weight off of me because it is a lot to deal with while working 40 hours a week, I have no time to myself. The best part of my challenge is seeing the smile on my grandma's face and hearing her express her appreciation. The most challenging is not having enough time to spend with my kids and husband. The tip I can give is no matter how challenging don't let the person you are caring for feel that it will weigh heavy on them and make them feel like they are a burden.

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