Paula from New Mexico

I just recently about a year ago became a caregiver to my mother in law Linda. She was staying by herself for a while but recently had to be put on a dialysis for kidney failure. She is very hard headed and despite her being on a dialysis she was not taking care of her self and my husband decided to suggest her coming to live with us. She is very limited in what she can do now because of her kidney failure, weight, and other health problems. So far it has all been an adjustment. She does her treatments at the house so I am responsible for setting up her machine and making sure it is set up to remove the right amount of liquid about 3 times a day. I never really imagined taking care of her this early in age but because I love my husband I had to embrace this task and do what needed to be done. My husband helps as much as he can but he works crazy hours so most of the responsibility lies with me at this time. Her other son lives in another state so he isn't much help and rarely calls to even check up on her so I feel bad that my husband and I had to take on it all. As of today we are just setting up a routine and adjusting to not having our home to ourselves anymore. I have also been researching different programs available in my area to help with her when needed so hubby and I can do some date nights but right now she isn't comfortable having someone else watch her. Basically we are taking it day by day and thanking God that she is still here and praying for a matching donor if she can get her weight under control.