Marcus from Illinois

My name is Marcus and I take care of my mom, Melida...she's 82 years young...having a full-time job and coping with mom's illness has got to be one of the most frustrating things i've ever had to do. She is my light and my darkness all at the same time. The hardest part to me is hearing her frustration in not being able to do for herself. The walking, bathing and cleaning up seem to take most of my seems there is no time for me. The best part is seeing her smile knowing she's clean and has been bathed by someone she knows loves her. I would love to have someone here alternating days with me...just a pipe dream...but a lovely thought nonetheless. Thank god for the day nurse. She's there for 5 hours/5 days a week...when I'm at work that's one less worry. I just want my mom to know no matter what...I got her...she really doesn't grasp that concept....seems she believes she's all alone. My advice for other family caregivers?? Take some me time...go for a a movie...a salon...a date....refresh yourself in someway and then you'll be able to carry on. peace be with you's wishing you a whole lotta love

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