Lori from Arkansas

My husband has been with his mom for over six years. I would travel over 950 miles to see them while I continue to work. The opportunity to take an early retirement incentive was offered and I took it as my mom-in-law is slowly getting worse and my husband's health is too. He had a heart attack while on the operating table and I was not able to be there with him. Now that I am here for both of them and being with all my children and grandchildren has been both wonderful and stressful. We have always told mom that she will not go into a home and we are sticking with that, it gives her peace of mind. I take her to all of her appointments, take her shopping and take care of paying her bills along with everything else. I let her do stuff to let her know she is still useful no matter if I have to finish it up for her or just redo it. We take her with us on vacation but this year we haven't been able to since I do not get that much from retirement.

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